Entry #2

Try Pipeline for Game Jam 6 and win $100!

2011-12-01 17:09:49 by cptyossarian

Pipeline is free software to help you organize awesome collabs. You can create public or private collabs, invite members, lead and contribute to tasks, share files, have discussions, and much more. There's a news feed for seeing exactly what everyone is doing in your collab. Check out the full list of features.

Sound good? Sign up for Pipeline here or click here to learn more.


We need more beta testers for Pipeline so we're running a contest in parallel with Game Jam 6. We're giving away $100 each to the three teams with the best games made using Pipeline. The prize money can be either Newgrounds store credit or Amazon.com gift cards.


To be eligible for the prize money, your team must...

Really use Pipeline: Your team must do most of its organizing and communicating with Pipeline. Just signing up or creating a project isn't enough.

Submit by the deadline: Your game must be submitted to Newgrounds by the Game Jam 6 deadline (96 hours). If you don't make the deadline, you're free to finish up your game at your own pace, but you won't be eligible for the prize money.

Make a game that doesn't suck: Your game must pass judgment on Newgrounds. The best three games will be determined by their portal rating one week after Game Jam 6 ends.


This contest is sponsored by the Pipeline team, a group of computer science researchers at Georgia Tech. Email us with any questions or feedback on Pipeline.

Try Pipeline for Game Jam 6 and win $100!


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